Financial Health

What has a huge impact on our health today…money! Money…financial trouble is the biggest source of stress in our society no matter how old you are…

  • credit card debt.
  • bills.
  • rent.
  • mortgage.
  • medical bills.
  • student loans.
  • job loss.
  • retirement.

Right now, stress is everywhere. A little stress is okay but chronic stress actually DOES cause physical damage in your body! Too much stress can wear down your immune system and make you sick, mentally and physically. The first step in effective stress management is identifying the cause. Not all stress can be removed from your life but you can take steps to reduce some. Creating a healthier lifestyle will help manage some of the effects of stress. If money is the root cause of your stress level and plan “A” isn’t enough then your need to consider plan “B”: Alleviate your financial stress by finding a home-based business that is a good fit for you. Something to keep your brain busy until life gets back to normal. Who knows…you may find something that you like so much you may never want to go back to your former life. It took me a while to find the right fit for me and that may be the same for you, but isn’t it worth a try as long as it doesn’t add to your already financial stress? Here are some advantages of having a home base business…

  • the flexibility of working hours.
  • lower or no overhead expenses.
  • less or no commuting time.
  • income tax deductions (home office expenses).
  • work-life balance.
  • more family time.

Best of all, you get to work in the comfort of your home. While I put in the number of hours I need for my home-based business I can take a few minutes off here and there. I exercise, put a load of wash on, and pop dinner in the oven. I am a big fan of working from home! Take this opportunity to do something different. There are many many options out there. I encourage you to see what you can do, to find a fit for you. If I can help in any way including home-based business experience please reach out to me, I will be more than happy to help!

Please leave a comment to share with us what you love to do and how it has impacted your financial health?

Thank you for being part of my life!

Diane aka Lady Dee

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