Cold Weather Skincare Tips

I know it is hard to face the fact that summer is over and a beautiful fall has arrived though some of us are experiencing an early snowfall too…burr. We have had to crank up that wonderful drying heat which means less humidity in the air. We tend to have hotter showers and longer hot soaks in the tub to get the chill out of our bones. We peel off our pants and think it is snowing indoors too. It may certainly look like snow but that flaky white stuff is dead skin cells. Your skin has become dry, dehydrated, and perhaps even itchy so it is time to change to a gentler cleanser and a heavier moisturizer but most importantly you need to exfoliate. Exfoliating will leave you with softer, younger and healthier skin.

Why is exfoliating important you ask?  Without getting into too much detail of our skin’s structure, our dead skin cells naturally occur on our outermost layer of skin. As skin cells age they die and our body slowly sheds them. Unfortunately, dead skin cells give our skin a dull appearance, and exfoliating on a regular basis quickens the process to expose younger, healthier, shiny skin. Also, dead skin cells may contribute to breakouts because they can get caught in our body’s natural oils. In a nutshell, exfoliating helps to stimulate new cell growth and reduces the build-up of dead skin cells.

Exfoliate all your skin on a regular basis, two to three times a week before you climb into the shower or bath. Personally, I prefer to exfoliate my skin three times a week and in the shower, because it is easier to rinse off those dead skin cells instead of soaking in them…yuck! For your body one can use a Loofah or Luffa, it has a rough texture that doesn’t soften when it’s wet or an Exfoliating Mitt. Be gentler when exfoliating your face use your hands or a waterproof cleansing brush that rotates. To exfoliate your body, start at your legs and slowly work up to your chest, back, and arms. Always exfoliate in small circular motions. For your face, start at the cheeks then move to the nose and chin and finish with your forehead. Use gentle circular motions, avoiding the eye area and hairline. This will feel like a mini massage, which is incredibly beneficial for your face and body.

There are many exfoliating products available on the market these days which can make it extremely difficult to choose the best ones for you; one for your body and another for your face. Personally, I exfoliate my body with a Pink Himalayan salt body scrub made with this wonderful pink salt, coconut oil as a carrier, and grapefruit essential oil that helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminates excess water weight. This is a great natural way to boost blood circulation, hence assisting in the rejuvenation of your cells and diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Love the salt then try a warm Himalayan Pink saltwater bath, using 1/3 pound of salt per bath.  Himalayan Pink salt is a powerful detoxifier that extracts the toxins out of your skin. Detoxify and re-energize leaving your skin refreshed and nourished because it’s so rich in nutrients. Ease those aching muscles with the presence of magnesium and other trace minerals.  Add your favorite essential oils and truly relax but only for 30 minutes at a time.  Remember long hot baths and showers dry out your skin.

No, I have not forgotten our faces that bear the brunt of these weather changes. And no matter how great you are as a makeup artist one cannot hide unhealthy skin. I have two favorite exfoliating products that work wonderfully for my very sensitive skin. The first one is a physical granular scrub that gently removes the surface’s dead skin cells and build-up from the pores, plus it reduces the appearance of fine lines.  My second favorite is a chemical peel that works a little deeper to remove those skin-dulling dead cells so newer cells can take their place. This chemical peel is gentle enough to use twice a week and also contains a blend of calming botanical extracts. Sloughing off dead skin cells gives our skin a chance to absorb all the benefits of age-fighting moisturizers.

Don’t forget those dry chapped lips that need some TLC too. Again, dead skin cells prevent moisturizers from penetrating.  Have you tried to put lipstick on with dry chapped lips, not a pretty sight indeed! I exfoliate every couple of days with a natural sugar crystal scrub that gently removes these dead skin cells. This scrub is blended with luscious shea butter leaving my lips feeling soft, smooth, and conditioned. It also has sunflower oil which is rich in the antioxidant Vitamin E to protect cell membranes from free radicals, toxins, and environmental pollution. My lips say it all!

Last but not least, after your exfoliating treatment, rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Don’t forget to moisturize, but that is for another blog. I will return but before you go I have one last comment about colder temperatures. You may not be sweating up a storm in colder temperatures but you still need to hydrate yourself inside and out. Did you know that adding Pink Himalayan salt to your water will hydrate your cells better than plain water! I am not suggesting you go crazy using salt, everything in moderation but it has additional health benefits, check out Dr. Axe “Food is Medicine”

Please leave a comment to share with us your tips for skincare in cold weather conditions?

Thank you for being part of my life!

Diane aka Lady Dee

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