Thank you for dropping in to read my story!

My journey began in 1981 when I was newly married to the love of my life! I left my west coast home, Victoria, British Columbia, to embark on an exciting life that led me to all corners of the world. On this journey I kept myself busy chasing after our two sons; one born in France and the other in Brazil.

Family life was wonderful but my entrepreneur’s mind wanted more, so I became an avid volunteer. I had the privilege to work closely with visiting diplomates and dignitaries in various organizations and fundraisers. Forever grateful I am to have been part of Canadian Clubs in different parts of the world, and the Terry Fox Run in Kuwait.

Upon returning to Canada, I studied Interior Decorating and opened my business. My passion to help others continued. I truly enjoyed putting the “fun” back into fundraising for these worthy causes; The Alzheimer’s Society, The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and Inn from the Cold Society. Helping others gives me great satisfaction knowing that I can make a difference.

My journey continued with more moves across Canada and then back to the United States. Before arriving in Texas, I decided it was best to close my decorating business.

Upon my final return to Canada, I thought what can I do now? I started assisting organizations as Newcomers Clubs, NuGrads, and Business Entrepreneurs but I yearned for more. I decided that if I couldn’t beautify homes anymore, I would beautify faces. So, it was back to learning.

I have been a beauty consultant for many years now and I am here to help you restore your healthy radiance from the inside out. I will help you look and feel great without spending a fortune. It is never too soon or too late to take action against toxic stressors that take a toll on our bodies. It’s unfortunate and without even knowing it most of us are using toxic cleaners and personal care products that damage our health!

My mission is to help YOU take better care of yourself from the inside out. You can accomplish this just by making a few simple changes to what you put in your body, the products you use for personal care and in your household each and every day. Although you can’t live in a bubble and avoid toxins completely, you can control the level of your exposure. It all starts with YOU and my business is Lady Dee’s ALL About YOU!!!

I am here to share with you my passion for health and beauty. Sharing is caring! From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your visit to my website and having you as part of my life.

Thank you for being here!



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