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  • Lady Dee

    Battle Of Thinning Lashes

    Are you battling thinning eyelashes? It seems as we grow older so does an ever-growing list of changes to our bodies. Thinning hair, eyebrows, and yes eyelashes too. Our eyelashes just don’t have the thickness they use to, and a few coats of mascara just don’t make a difference anymore. Sound familiar? Lashes grow through our eye follicles and with age, this growth cycle slows down just like many other wonderful things. It’s very normal to lose a lash or two a day but not a rapid loss. If it is a rapid loss, it could be an underlying health…

  • Lady Dee

    The Importance Of Keeping Your Skin Healthy

    Let me ask you this, “What’s the body’s largest organ?” Are you surprised if I tell you that it’s your skin? Your skin has many important roles and thus should be treated with care so do not abuse it. Common skin issues include dryness, itchiness, sensitivity, oiliness, sun damage, and signs of aging …wrinkles. These are all normal occurrences but we can do something about them before they become problematic or undesirable. What is the first step to proper skincare? The first step to proper skincare is to protect yourself from exposure to UV rays and extreme weather conditions, irritating…

  • Lady Dee

    Financial Health

    What has a huge impact on our health today…money! Money…financial trouble is the biggest source of stress in our society no matter how old you are… credit card debt. bills. rent. mortgage. medical bills. student loans. job loss. retirement. Right now, stress is everywhere. A little stress is okay but chronic stress actually DOES cause physical damage in your body! Too much stress can wear down your immune system and make you sick, mentally and physically. The first step in effective stress management is identifying the cause. Not all stress can be removed from your life but you can take…

  • Lady Dee

    Cold Weather Skincare Tips

    I know it is hard to face the fact that summer is over and a beautiful fall has arrived though some of us are experiencing an early snowfall too…burr. We have had to crank up that wonderful drying heat which means less humidity in the air. We tend to have hotter showers and longer hot soaks in the tub to get the chill out of our bones. We peel off our pants and think it is snowing indoors too. It may certainly look like snow but that flaky white stuff is dead skin cells. Your skin has become dry, dehydrated,…

  • Lady Dee

    Morning Routine Making You Sick

    Is your morning routine making you sick? The average woman applies between six to twelve cosmetic items per day and some of these will include toxic chemicals that could impact your health. And, we wonder why cancer, infertility, allergies, and other health issues are on the rise. Never mind what these toxic chemicals are doing to our environment too.  Unlike certain foods and drugs, personal care products aren’t required to announce the harmful byproducts and carcinogens they may contain. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may prohibit certain ingredients trusted Source  The only way to know for sure if there…

  • Lady Dee

    Gray Hair…what’s the cause?

    Is grey hair your natural colour? Grey hair is not your natural colour but first, let’s understand where your natural hair colour comes from. Your hair colour comes from a pigment called melanin which hair follicles produce. As you age, the production of melanin in your hair follicles slows down. This production slows down until it stops completely hence your grey hairs.  Due to a lack of melanin, your hair also becomes wiry and brittle. No more bouncing locks. What also plays a role besides ageing in becoming grey-haired?   Besides age…race, ethnicity, and genes also play a role in…

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